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Atlanta Web Week is a series of events, parties, seminars, studio hops, and more leading up to and surrounding Web Directions USA, and celebrating Atlanta's vibrant web industry and community.

Monday, September 20th

Javascript Frameworks

Monday, September 20th | 7pm—8pm

We’ll look at the popular javascript frameworks and debate the good, the bad, and ugly of each. jQuery, Prototype, Mootools and more are all fair game for discussion and comparison.

Hosted by: Atlanta Javascript Meetup

Tuesday, September 21st

Agile Retrospectives

Tuesday, September 21st | 9:00am—5:00pm

Effective retrospectives stoke the engine of team improvement. Retrospectives are the vital feedback loop the team uses to examine methods engineering practices, teamwork, and organizational relationships. But all too often, teams fail to act on their retrospective resolves.

Presented by: Esther Derby

Real World CSS3

Tuesday, September 21st | 9:00am—5:00pm

Designers rejoice! Web Standards are not just for people who care about accessibility and compatibility across devices and platforms anymore: they are fast becoming the core tools of some of the best sites, apps, and experiences on the web; and with the latest browsers including support for all of CSS2.1, much of CSS3 (and increasingly, HTML5), designers can now call these tools our friends.

Presented by: Dan Rubin

UX Lightning Talks

Tuesday, September 21st | 7pm—8pm

How do you create great UX? Join us for a lightning round of tips, examples, and insights.

This event will be in the main room at the Portfolio Center

Hosted by: CHI*Atlanta, Atlanta Content Strategy, UX Book Club, and IxDA Atlanta

Wednesday, September 22nd

Building Mobile Apps

Wednesday, September 22nd | 9:00am—5:00pm

Thanks to mobile phones, we have moved from virtually no one having access to information, to virtually everyone having access to all the vast resources of the web. This is arguably the most important achievement of our generation. Despite its overarching importance, the mobile web is in its infancy. Physical, technical, financial, and political forces have created platform fragmentation like never before, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Presented by: Jonathan Stark

Dive into the Modern Web

Wednesday, September 22nd | 9:00am—5:00pm

It’s an exciting time to be on the Web. Emerging standards like HTML5 and CSS3 are changing what’s possible in web design, and the way the we plan projects is becoming ever more refined. In this workshop inspired by the first book from The Web Standards Project – InterACT With Web Standards ( – you’ll learn how to plan and build websites using contemporary best practices, and discover how to use online tools to learn more effectively on the Web. As an educator teaching web design this workshop will acquaint you with what’s possible today on the modern web, and resources to help you along the way.

Presented by: Leslie Jensen-Inman Aarron Walter, Glenda Sims

WE Rock Educator Event

Wednesday, September 22nd | 6pm—9pm

Shouldn’t web education reflect all of the best features of the World Wide Web by advocating accessibility and usability for all? While this may sound like common sense, the fact is that this web education program doesn’t exist-yet. At the Web Education (WE) Rock Tour the members of the Open Web Education Alliance (OWEA) hope to change that.

The Web Education (WE) Rock Tour is a FREE event, open to the public, and features six of the web industry’s leading professionals who will paint a picture of the past, present, and future of web education.

The goal of the WE Rock Tour is to bring together individuals, companies, and organizations with strong interests in the Web and web education so together WE can make web education rock!

Hosted by:UGA Terry Masters of Internet Technology program and OWEA.

AIGA Studio Hop

Wednesday, September 22nd | 5:30pm—9pm

AIGA is celebrating Atlanta Web Week. So get onboard the FurBus and grab a beer! We’ll transport you from the center of Web Week to three of Atlanta’s best interactive studios.

Get exclusive tours of the firms and mingle with their designers and developers over drinks and munchies. Sign up now! Space is limited!

The tours will happen in two groups:
Group One: 5:30-8:30pm
Group Two: 6:00-9:00pm

Both groups will meet in the lobby of the Loews Hotel just before departure.

Hosted by: AIGA Atlanta Chapter

Webbie Tweetup

Wednesday, September 22nd | 8pm

Join your fellow attendees, a few Web Directions speakers, and people from the Atlanta web community for an informal “tweetup” in the Loews Hotel bar for drinks and conversation.

No RSVP is necessary, just show up and look for the cool kids.

Hosted by: AWDG, Web Directions

Thursday, September 23rd

Web Directions Conference

Thursday, September 23rd | 9:00am—5:00pm

Web Directions USA Day 1. A two track conference featuring focussed web design and development sessions, coverign CSS3, HTML5, mobile app development, JavaScript, UX and Ix Design, and more, as well as keynotes from the likes of Scott Thomas, lead designer of the Obama Presidential campaign.

Presented by: Web Directions

Web Directions Reception

Thursday, September 23rd | 5:30pm—7:30pm

A great way for conference attendees to wrap up the first day of the conference and get ready for the evenings festivities.

Hosted by: Web Directions

AWDG Opening Night Party

Thursday, September 23rd | 8pm—10pm

The first day of Web Directions will be full of great and exciting information. You’re sure to be busy taking notes, planning which session to attend next, and trying to keep up with all the new people you’ll meet. Take some of pressure off knowing you can catch up with all your new acquaintances and old friends at Einstein’s, one of Atlanta’s coolest venues.

Hosted by: Atlanta Web Design Group

Friday, September 24th

Web Directions Conference

Friday, September 24th | 9:00am—5:00pm

Web Directions USA Day 2. A two track conference featuring focussed web design and development sessions, coverign CSS3, HTML5, mobile app development, JavaScript, UX and Ix Design, and more, as well as keynotes from the likes of Scott Thomas, lead designer of the Obama Presidential campaign.

Presented by: Web Directions

Atlanta Web Week Party

Friday, September 24th | 6pm—11pm

After all the learning and note taking is done, come enjoy food, drinks and conversation with fellow Web Directions attendees, speakers, and Atlanta’s coolest webbies.

We’ll be at RiRa, an Irish pub just a block away from the Loews Hotel. Attendance is free — just say you’re with Web Directions!

Hosted by: AWDG, Web Directions

Saturday, September 25th

Amped Hackday

Saturday, September 25th | 8pm—10pm

A hackday like no other. A free, fun, high octane day of hacking, with incredible prizes, amazing mentors, interesting challenges, and all topped off with one heck of a party. If you work on the web, this is for you.

Hosted by: Web Directions